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Shilajit Benefits

Shilajit Benefits







  • AUTHENTIC THICK SHILAJIT - Organic Shilajit and in its purest form not a watered down version. Living Newell provides premium quality thick pure shilajit at a fair price. We strongly believe in the healing power of nature and are committed to delivering products that harness the Earths natural remedies


  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR DAY - As a traditional rejuvenation vegan superfood, Shilajit resin is great for energy, metabolism, immune support, brain fog and fatigue, muscle strength, and hormonal balance during daily life and work. Free from artificial additives to give you the desired results.


  • HIGH FULVIC ACID CONTENT - Over 68% fulvic acid and over 85 trace minerals and vitamins. Ethically wild harvested at an altitude of 17-18,000ft in the Himalayan Mountains. 100% pure and maximum absorbtion. A great natural super food for your wellbeing that can be used daily.


  • TOP GRADE SHILAJIT - In its natural, resin-like form. A natural food that has been used for thousands of years. Each batch is made under the highest standards, free from heavy metals and while retaining the unique bioavailable substance of raw shilajit.


  • METAL SPOON INCLUDED - Easy to scoop metal spoon that you can wash and use again and again for your convenience. Scoop 500mg (a pea size amount) and mix into warm water/milk/tea every morning. Consume and feel the benefits throughout the day.





What Is Shilajit Resin?

Shilajit pure resin is a unique, potent, and complex substance, treasured for centuries. It is naturally occurring and primarily sourced from the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountain ranges, where it slowly exudes from cracks in the rocks.


What Can Shilajit Do For Us?

More energy, more clarity, strengthen immunity, and rejuvenate your body inside out. Harness the power of nature for a better lifestyle in this fast paced modern life.


Why We Need Pure organic Shilajit Resin?

Derived from the Himalayan mountains, Shilajit Resin is a rich, sticky substance teeming with over 85 potent minerals, vitamins, and fulvic acid. This unique composition works synergistically to pep up your body, overall well being, and spirit.


How to Start Your Shiljait Journey?

Living Newell shilajit resin comes with metal spoon, allowing you to incorporate it seamlessly into your daily routine. Simply dissolve 500mg of himalayan shilajit in warm water or your favorite beverage and enjoy the power throughout the day.